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When Lucy dies during a police encounter, John is determined to create a time portal to bring his wife back. While he succeeds and happens to warn his love about her upcoming danger, things get difficult for him. His time travel brings chaos in the world, as his friends and hometown gets affected. John needs to make decisions to save his friends and family, but can he save them all?

Delve into the adventure as you play as John, time travelling across various timelines and making choices to save people. Play across 4 episodes to know the story of the young scientist. Your choices determine the progress and intimacy with others. IT'S TIME to save the world...

The game contains:

  • 4 episodes, that will determine the story of a couple
  • Multiple choices that will determine who will end up doing what
  • Interactive objects that you can use
  • Optional challenges that will earn you rewards

Download the full game from here: https://willmaninteractive.itch.io/its-time


its-time-demo-win.zip 308 MB
Version DEMO Mar 07, 2022
its-time-demo-mac.zip 290 MB
Version DEMO Mar 07, 2022
ItsTimeDEMO-linux.tar.bz2 297 MB
Version DEMO Mar 07, 2022

Install instructions

Download the compressed file and extract it to get an executable file. Install it to play the game. This is a demo version of the original game.

The game saves automatically at checkpoints. The autosaves can be found in 'A' section of the save menu.

The save data for the DEMO version is different from the original game and cannot be transferred.

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